Writer/blogger, Jim Higley of the Bobblehead Dad, Asks Erika’s Lighthouse, “What does every parent need to know about teenage depression and suicide?”

Described as “Martha Stewart meets MacGyver,” Jim Higley has become an inspiring voice to people worldwide who daily enjoy his print and online columns for the Huffington Post and The Good Men Project. He also can be seen on NBC Universal iVillage and heard on his weekly radio show,Bobblehead Dad.

The single father of three is an insightful storyteller who writes about the experiences found in the nooks and crannies of everyday life from a dad’s perspective. Today, Jim is considered a forward-thinking, action-oriented and inspiring leader in both the cancer and parenting communities worldwide.

This past February, blogger, writer and “World’s Greatest Dad”, interviewed our Executive Director, Peggy Kubert, and discussed a topic that no parent hopes they need to know, but should know. Understanding teenage depression and suicide.

Listen to the Bobblehead Dad interview, here.