It’s that time of year again … the time to create your resolutions and set goals for the new year.

Here’s a great one – Sign up for the Bank of America Chicago Marathon. Imagine yourself running around the beautiful city and crossing the finish line among runners from all over the world. Now take that goal one step further and run to Get Depression Out of the Dark. As a charity runner, some of your perks include a guaranteed entry, amazing support, a ready-made team, and the sense of knowing you are truly making a difference to end the stigma of teenage depression.

If you haven’t run for a charity before, the experience is very rewarding. It’s an incredible way to donate your time to a worthy cause. It can motivate you to train even harder and push harder to raise money.
Team Resilience members are an integral part of Erika’s Lighthouse’s success. Funds raised enable the organization to continue to offer educational programming and parent handbooks at no cost ever. These runners assist the organization in creating brand awareness and growing our network of supporters and donors.

Did you know that many times donors give to a charity runner’s fundraiser because they have a connection to the charity runner—not because they have a connection to the charity itself? By running for Erika’s Lighthouse, you can bring in new supporters who become lifelong supporters that without you, may have never learned about the mission.

You can make a difference without running a marathon.

Team Resilience offers many opportunities for athletes to raise money. You can participate in a walk, swim, cycle, or dance. The options are endless and we encourage and invite your creative ways to have fun while fundraising. Find out what’s doable for your schedule and level of commitment and we will help you to succeed.

Recruit a friend.

We all know it is fun to do activities with a friend. Find a friend to go on runs with you or help host a fundraising event. Encourage them to join the charity program with you and create a team. Now you can hold each other accountable for reaching personal and fundraising goals!

Set small, achievable goals.

Break down the total amount you want to raise into weekly or monthly goals. The same goes for your training. Don’t set out to run 26.2 miles right away. Aim for 5, then 10. Share with your friends your accomplishments!

Ask for donations by telling them why it is important to you.

We understand that asking friends and associates for money can be awkward, but when you position it that you are supporting an important cause, it is easier. We are here to help you succeed. Some of our Team Resilience members have had success by doing the following:

  1. Send a personal email to family and friends sharing a personal story about why they are passionate about teenage depression and a direct link to the fundraising page.
  2.  Leverage the power of social media.
  3. Add a link to the fundraising page to your email signature. This is a subtle and simple way to bring awareness to your efforts
Ask your employer.

Many companies have matching gift programs or have funds to support employee fundraising efforts for nonprofit organizations.

Have fun and know you are making a difference.

We want this to be a fun and rewarding experience for you. One runner did 26.2 miles, in a 24-hour period. She shared her journey on social media and brought her supporters along.

We are grateful for every Team Resilience member and their contributions towards helping to ensure no teen ever feels alone. Join us today and make a difference.