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The Benefits of Donating Stock to Erika’s Lighthouse

By donating stock to Erika’s Lighthouse, you have the opportunity to make a meaningful impact on adolescent depression and ensure school communities have the knowledge and resources they need to support students’ mental health. There are many benefits to giving stock to Erika’s Lighthouse. First, it is a tax-deductible donation. This means that you can […]

The Four Pillars

Erika’s Lighthouse focuses on equipping school communities with the mental health education needed through four main pillars. Classroom Education, Family Engagement, Empowerment Clubs, and School Policy & Staff Development. These work together to promote and support an inclusive school culture around mental health by targeting all stakeholders in the school community; staff, caregivers, and students.  […]

Portal Sponsorship: The Opportunity to Empower School Professionals Around the Country

You have the opportunity to empower school professionals around the country by sponsoring Erika’s Lighthouse Resource Portal. By focusing on a specific state or educational specialty (school social workers, health educators, or counselors), you can equip school communities with the tools they need to normalize conversations, reduce stigma and promote an inclusive school culture around […]

Erika’s Lighthouse 2022-2023 Program Report

Erika’s Lighthouse is a nonprofit dedicated to providing free turn-key resources to educators to create inclusive school cultures around mental health. Every student deserves good mental health. By using our resources in your school you promote school-wide mental health awareness, positivity, and help-seeking. The 2022-2023 Program Report details Erika’s Lighthouse impact across over 500,000 students […]

Giving Crypto to Erika’s Lighthouse

Cryptocurrency is one of the fastest-growing types of donations to charities. Over 300 million people hold cryptocurrency, and in 2022, over $125 million was donated through The Giving Block. So why donate crypto instead of cash? There are unique advantages to donating cryptocurrency through the Giving Block.  Why Donate Crypto? Donating crypto is a tax-smart […]