For some people, running comes easily. They get that runner’s high, something, that for the life of me, I just never will understand. For me, it’s not that easy. Pretty much the only running I do is errands and out of patience. I have total respect for the commitment and dedication of runners. What I witnessed at the 2019 Bank of America Chicago Marathon was inspirational; ordinary people doing something extraordinary.

Running can improve physical and mental health, significantly. As a form of aerobic exercise, running can reduce stress, improve heart health, and even help alleviate symptoms of depression.  Spending 30 minutes on a treadmill is enough to lift the mood of someone suffering from major depressive disorder, according to a study published in the journal of the American College of Sports Medicine.

Erika’s Lighthouse is already preparing for the 2020 Bank of America Chicago Marathon. We are looking forward to this wonderful fundraiser.  Our team continues to grow and this year we will be offering 60 runners race admission when they raise funds for us. Join Team Resilience and run to support Erika’s Lighthouse. If you are unable to get to Chicago you can still pick the marathon of your choice and run, swim, or cycle for Erika’s Lighthouse. And for those of you who are like me, we also offer the opportunity to support the cause and a runner by making a donation.

If you aren’t motivated yet, I want to provide you with a few great reasons to run for Erika’s Lighthouse on Team Resilience.

  • Running for a charity brings on an entirely new and additional reward – it provides you with a purpose. Not only are you doing an activity you love while promoting your own good health, but you are helping an organization to raise funds, and likely saving money by running on their team.
  • Team Resilience provides you the motivation to train because we treat our runners to outstanding training with our very own Coach Mark Buciak’s “Road to Boston” training program. Erika’s Lighthouse will make sure we provide plenty of support; before, during and after the event. We will be your teammates, offering training plans as well as tips for fundraising for the weeks leading up to the 2020 Chicago Marathon. While you are running, you also will feel the uplifting and encouragement of our supporters who will be cheering you on from start to finish. You will feel camaraderie among the other runners as well as among the Erika’s Lighthouse supporters.
  • By joining Team Resilience, you are helping us raise awareness that nobody is alone. You become our brand ambassador and help us reach individuals and maybe even corporations that would otherwise never know of our important mission.
  • By deciding to run for a charity, you are not only contributing to their donations, but you also are investing in your physical health and well-being.

Thank you to our amazing runners, past and present, who have helped us accomplish incredible goals. When you run to support Team Resilience, you are doing your part to race for depression awareness with Erika’s Lighthouse.

Written by Lisa Honcharuk, Marketing and Engagement Manager