What is the Changemaker Network?

The Changemaker Network is a new forum open for you to connect and post with other student mental health leaders. You can post the wonderful things you or your club is doing for mental health, get ideas from other student leaders, or even look to connect with other students to collaborate. Ultimately, the Changemaker Network seeks to connect like-minded student mental health leaders. Students passionate about mental health and making a positive difference are everywhere, and the Changemaker Network seeks to connect them. 

Who is Changemaker Network for?

Changemaker Network is for students. Young people who are passionate about mental health and want to connect with other like-minded individuals. Those who have a student account will have access to the Changemaker Network. 

Erika’s Lighthouse Club Members are encouraged to post on Changemaker’s Network and share the amazing things that their clubs are doing. Students who are not in an Erika’s Lighthouse club are also welcome to be in the conversation, share their thoughts, and possibly learn more about clubs. Feel free to learn more about Erika’s Lighthouse Empowerment Clubs here.

What if no one has posted about the topic that I want to talk about? 

That’s okay! Start the conversation. Make the first post about that topic and create a conversation for others to join in. No conversation starts until someone speaks up. Once you create a post about the topic, others will be able to reply and share their thoughts.

Okay, I am interested. How do I access the Changemaker Network?

To get to the Changemaker Network you need to first log in to the Erika’s Lighthouse Resource Portal. If you do not already have an account, you can make a student account for free. Once you have your account and find yourself logged in to the Resource Portal, you will see at the top of your screen the buttons to access the Changemaker Network. Come in and start sharing your thoughts!