Did you know that Erika’s Lighthouse offers staff training?

This 2-hour training can be completed in either a group setting or individually and is always available on demand. As an organization, it is our goal that all potential trusted adults have the confidence to have discussions with their students and understand the signs and symptoms of depression and how to help students get the support they need.

The staff training is broken up into four modules consisting of both group and individual training options parts and has training for middle school and high school educators.

Part one: Signs and Symptoms of Depression and Suicide – 50 minutes

Part one covers:

  • Signs and symptoms of depression
  • Signs and symptoms of suicide
  • Shared risk factors and warning signs
Part two: Overview of Erika’s Lighthouse Program

Part two covers:

  • Understanding stigmas
  • Programing goals and objectives
  • Programing components and shared vocabulary
Part three: Helping A Student – 45 minutes

Part three covers:

  • What if you are a trusted adult
  • Intervention language for educator
  • Being sensitive and trauma-informed
  • Following school protocol 
  • Being a mandated reporter
Part four: Implementation In Your School – 45 minutes

Part four covers:

  • Review of your school’s internal protocols
  • Expanding focus discussions
  • What are the gaps?
  • Who else needs the information and training?
  • Who else is an essential partner?

The staff training webinar is available through the free Resource Portal and is on demand. Upon completion, participants will receive a certificate. Sign up today for your free Resource Portal Account and gain access to this information and so much more.

Together we can Get Depression Out of the Dark.