Does the school policy at your school account for students who may be experiencing mental health challenges? Do staff know how to be trusted adults? How do your current school policy and staff training create an inclusive school environment around mental health?

About Us

Erika’s Lighthouse is a non-profit organization founded in 2004 that is dedicated to educating teens and raising awareness surrounding depression and mental health. Our programs are tailored to our mission of making sure no young person feels alone in their depression. Erika’s Lighthouse strives to help teens create an inclusive school culture and eliminate the stigma of mental health. Erika’s Lighthouse evidence-informed programs not only bring awareness to young people about depression and mental health; they build a structure for young people to thrive and survive, even when they might be experiencing depression.

How We Work

Erika’s Lighthouse offers four pillars for school communities to use to promote an inclusive school culture: Classroom Education, Teen Empowerment, Family Engagement, and School Policy & Staff Development. The Four Pillars categorize resources specific to the group they’re appropriate for. We give schools the opportunity to deliver school-wide programming to promote a culture of inclusivity around mental health. Our Four Pillar Implementation Guide makes it easy for schools to utilize and implement our programs school-wide. 

School Policy & Staff Development

The School Policy & Staff Development pillar is an essential stepping stone to ensure your school is well-prepped to promote an inclusive school culture. Through educator support, favorable school policies, training, staff engagement, and self-care, not only staff, but students can thrive too. Erika’s Lighthouse offers school policy templates, suggestions, and access to resources including access to mental health evaluations, ideas to create a Mental Health Task Force, and more. Our staff training can be accessed and implemented individually or in a group setting. Erika’s Lighthouse offers flexible 30-120 minute all-staff training like, “Signs & Symptoms,” “Helping a Student,” and “Classroom Crisis Intervention.” Implementing training can better equip your staff to support student mental health. Additionally, our development resources encourage schools to adapt them to their specific policies and protocols. We are dedicated to helping schools implement training that works for them.

Adopting the Four Pillars creates a space where staff and educators learn to become trusted adults and take the steps to build a stronger foundation for their school community to launch effective programming. Erika’s Lighthouse provides individualized support for educators, counselors, social workers, and other school personnel to meaningfully implement our programs in schools, districts, and classrooms. 

The Impact

Erika’s Lighthouse impacted 402,000 students in the 2021-22 school year alone in 41 states and 9 countries. Our programs encourage students to find trusted adults they can talk to and ask for help whether it be for themselves or a friend. Programs that impact students not only educate them, but they empower them. Erika’s Lighthouse strives to give every school the tools they need to talk about mental health in their communities.

Erika’s Lighthouse no cost, turn-key, evidence-informed programs are available to every school, student, educator, and family in the country. We encourage health educators, teens, and families alike to reach out to us to inspire the change you want to see in your community. Erika’s Lighthouse provides individualized support for educators, counselors, social workers, and other school personnel to successfully implement the four pillars in their districts. Anyone can create an account and gain access for free!