Erika’s Lighthouse Enlighten Learning Management System is preparing school communities around mental health. We offer a variety of course selections and hope that this empowers your educators to feel like experts on Erika’s Lighthouse programs and resources. Here’s what you can find on Erika’s Lighthouse Enlighten Learning.

Course Offerings: Become an expert on Erika’s Lighthouse Four Pillars

  1. How to implement Erika’s Lighthouse Classroom Education programs
  2. How to provide a family workshop 
  3. Complete staff training on depression and suicide 
  4. Learn how to start an Empowerment Club

Discussions with experts in the field: Join us as we “Ask the experts” about various topics about mental health.

  1. Depression Education is Suicide Prevention
  2. Health Education and Mental Health
  3. Anxiety and other mental health challenges
  4. Understanding the WSCC model and mental health
  5. Plus many more!

Champion Erika’s Lighthouse: Learn how to become more involved with Erika’s Lighthouse and champion our work to your friends, colleagues, and school communities. Learn about our Community Ambassador, Clinical Community Ambassador, and Professional Community Ambassador Programs!

There is so much that Erika’s Lighthouse Enlighten can do to support your personal and professional growth around adolescent mental health. Below are just a few more reasons to join us: 

  • You can become an Erika’s Lighthouse expert
  • The whole school community can participate and understand how to use our programs and resources.
  • It’s simple and easy to use

If you want to increase your knowledge and expertise around adolescent mental health, then Erika’s Lighthouse Enlighten Learning is a great option.