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Erika’s Lighthouse was founded following the loss of a 14-year-old girl who lost her life to her depression. When Erika died, her family and friends felt that the community did not have the knowledge or vocabulary to talk about depression and suicide. They came together and created the program that they felt would have benefited […]

Holiday Market Supporting Mental Health

Join us in support of Erika’s Lighthouse this holiday season!  Adolescent depression lives in the shadows. Young people facing it feel isolated and dangerously alone. Erika’s Lighthouse helps schools provide their students with the skills needed to talk to each other, to their parents, to their teachers, and to counselors. Our resources raise awareness, reduce […]

The Benefits of Donating Stock to Erika’s Lighthouse

By donating stock to Erika’s Lighthouse, you have the opportunity to make a meaningful impact on adolescent depression and ensure school communities have the knowledge and resources they need to support students’ mental health. There are many benefits to giving stock to Erika’s Lighthouse. First, it is a tax-deductible donation. This means that you can […]

The Benefits of Using a Donor Advised Fund to Support Mental Health

Erika’s Lighthouse is a nonprofit organization that provides free, donor-funded depression education programming to teens and educators. Our mission is to raise awareness about adolescent depression, promote good mental health, and empower teens. A donor advised fund (DAF) is a charitable giving account that allows you to make a tax-deductible donation to a qualified charity […]