Over the course of the past few months we, the Board, Staff and volunteers at Erika’s Lighthouse, have joined in the collective shock, anxiety, stress, sense of loss and the range of other emotions we have all experienced through these uncertain times.

We have cancelled our Spring Gala, rescheduled meetings, are working remotely and learning new technologies everyday. But we also realize that our mission reaches far beyond our walls – and we must respond.

Erika’s Lighthouse is proud of our immediate efforts to provide practical tools and resources for teens, educators and parents to promote positive mental health through our We’re In This Together campaign. Our new efforts have reached thousands across the country with meaningful, engaging resources designed to help with the difficult transition we are all making.

Take the Pledge for Mental Health Awareness Month

However, we are now taking it a step further. It is time for us to refocus on energies and thrive – mentally and physically. That is why I am challenging you to Take the Pledge. This May, during Mental Health Awareness Month, Erika’s Lighthouse has launched the Positivity Pledge. The Positivity Pledge is an opportunity for you to take control of your mental health while putting some good in the world.

The Positivity Pledge

Throughout the month of May Erika’s Lighthouse is challenging you to challenge yourself. With themed weeks focused on Nutrition & Well-Being, Mindfulness, Exercise and Gratitude you have an opportunity to promote positive mental health in your life and the lives of those around you through positive actions, self-care, healthy behaviors and social connections.

Physical Distancing is not social distancing. On the contrary, we should embrace the technologies around us to forge new connections with friends, family and others through social media, video conferencing and more. The #PositivityPledge is designed to promote those connections through #ShareSunday, #MentalHealthMondays, #WinningWednesday, and #FamilyFriendsFriday. 

Join us today and Take the Positivity Pledge as a step in supporting your own mental health! This May’s Mental Health Awareness Month may be the most important month of the year – don’t miss out!

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From the desk of the Executive Director, Brandon Combs