We are all operating differently these days. Not only are we trying to manage our own jobs remotely, many of us are also part-time (amatuer) teachers. I can’t wait to update my resume to include that new job title as well. My guess is nobody will ever say teachers have it easy. How many of you are going to up your game when you get the call to bake for teacher appreciation week?

I have had the opportunity to work remotely for over 20 years. It was only here and there that I did so, mainly when I had a project I wanted to work on uninterrupted or had global calls that took place at odd hours of the day. I always enjoyed and appreciated working from home because I had the house to myself and was able to accomplish so much in a day. Welcome March 2020, when everything changed. I now find myself working from home every day, every week and for what now seems like an eternity. I am grateful for the opportunity to still be working and adjusting to my daytime company being my husband, teenage daughter, dog and our foster puppies.

Things I never thought I would say during a normal work day:

  • I smell poop. Please go pick it up. (puppies.)
  • Please close the bathroom door.
  • Are you eating again?
  • Go away. Can’t you see I am working?
  • Well, it’s 4 p.m. I should probably think about taking a shower.
  • Are those my sweatpants?
  • Sorry, that’s just Bella barking at the mailman. (Bella is my dog)
  • Stop licking my feet. (dog)
  • Are you taking another nap? Didn’t you just wake up? (dog/teen)
  • Take off your shoes and go wash your hands.
  • Do you think I could get away with my hair looking like this for a quick video call?
  • How many days have I worn this shirt?
  • Ew, was that you? (could be anyone) 
  • Stop singing, I am on the phone.
  • Seriously, shut up and leave me alone.

On the bright side, I know I am not alone. I overheard my daughter’s PE teacher cut a class short because her children were screaming in the background. And let’s be honest, how fun is it to teach PE to high school kids over Zoom? My teammates and I have had some great laughs at the background views in some of our staff meetings. My personal favorite has to be kids popping on the screen and being pushed off the screen. It has actually been fun seeing this side of my co-workers lives and makes me appreciate and miss them more.

We are all adjusting to our current “normal” and it is true, “We’re In This Together!” Hopefully you are finding something in each day to make you laugh. Please take a moment to look at our new campaign for helpful resources for teens, educators and parents. I also encourage you to sign up for our Positivity Pledge. May is Mental Health Awareness Month and we will be offering fun tips on how to stay positive.

Stay Safe! Stay Well!

Author: Lisa Honcharuk, Marketing and Engagement Manager