Erika’s Lighthouse is a nonprofit dedicated to providing free turn-key resources to educators to create inclusive school cultures around mental health. Every student deserves good mental health. By using our resources in your school you promote school-wide mental health awareness, positivity, and help-seeking. The 2022-2023 Program Report details Erika’s Lighthouse impact across over 500,000 students this school year.

2022-23 Program Report Findings:

Support Connectedness: 96% of students who used our programs could identify at least one trusted adult.

Reduce Stigma: 87% would speak to an adult if their friend was talking about suicide or self-harm.

Promote Good Mental Health: 85% of students demonstrated an increase of knowledge around mental health and depression.

The Erika’s Lighthouse program report also includes program demographics, impact numbers since 2014, and a look at how our programs promote sustainability.

View the full program report here