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Think Positive, Be Positive

I am currently working as the school social worker for Indian River Charter High School. My job has changed recently due to no longer being on school campus. I am no longer able to meet face to face with students and provide support to those struggling with mental illness and/or your everyday stress of being […]

Take the Positivity Pledge

Over the course of the past few months we, the Board, Staff and volunteers at Erika’s Lighthouse, have joined in the collective shock, anxiety, stress, sense of loss and the range of other emotions we have all experienced through these uncertain times. We have cancelled our Spring Gala, rescheduled meetings, are working remotely and learning […]

No Time Like The Present

I have long struggled with learning to meditate. I struggle with the tasks of dismissing distractions, emptying my mind, focusing on my breath and remaining in the present. That being said, I regularly recommend mindfulness and meditation practices to friends and clients alike citing the volumes of evidence which prove its efficacy. It is one […]

“It’s So Nice to See You!”

Therapy in a time of physical distance. As I wind down from another week of doing e-therapy, I am reminded of how happy and grateful I am to be doing this work.  Though the coronavirus pandemic has taken some of what was familiar for myself and the people I treat – a private, quiet office […]