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White Paper: Model School District Policy on Suicide Prevention: Implementing Effective Prevention Strategies

Download the White Paper > Abstract Model School District Policy on Suicide Prevention: Model Language, Commentary, and Resources is the recognized policy for effective district-level engagement for suicide prevention in schools around the country. Developed by thought leaders in education and suicide prevention, it is the policy Erika’s Lighthouse has supported and shared since its […]

Think Positive, Be Positive

I am currently working as the school social worker for Indian River Charter High School. My job has changed recently due to no longer being on school campus. I am no longer able to meet face to face with students and provide support to those struggling with mental illness and/or your everyday stress of being […]

It Is Ok Just To Be Ok

As a semi-retired teacher I wanted to share hope and reassurance because we are all in this situation together. We are all disappointed at what will not be; graduations, field trips, and proms, musical performances and all of the other special events that align with school. I came across a principal from Arizona and her […]

A Teacher’s Honesty

As a teacher, do l always have to put on a brave face for my students? Can I let them know that I, too, am sad and worried? I am sad that I won’t be able to go on the end-of-the-year field trips and see them celebrate their “lasts” as 8th graders; and enjoy the […]

Homeschooling Humor – Week 2

Owen University is now a college prep school! I think instead of watching Cheers to escape, I probably should be watching The Facts of Life for some pointers. I don’t know what the best age is for kids to be quarantined. I miss the days of structure and free time fun. I miss the jumping […]